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Posted Feb 12, 2013 by T. Luttrell

The Influence of Metal Salts, Surfactants, and Wound Care Products on Enzymatic Activity of Collagenase, the Wound Debriding Enzyme. Jovanovic A, Ermis R, Mewaldt R, Shi L, Carson D. Wounds; 2012;24(9):242-253.

Target Condition: Wound healing in patients with chronic wounds.

Practice Pattern: Integumentary – Full and partial thickness wounding of skin.

Design Type: Quantitative/Qualitative Laboratory Assay with Evaluation of both Percent Activity and Inhibition.

Purpose: To determine the effect, impact and potential interaction of various common wound care products used including cleansers, dressings and antimicrobial formulations on the activity level of Collagenase Santyl, the enzymatic debrider.

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